Blank Canvas. Audacious Dream.

Hello 2016! While 2015 has now ended, as well as my enrolment in Hillsong College, God’s been stirring my heart for whatever is coming up next. And if that’s getting a Bachelors in Theology or a working holiday first to save up – I’m looking forward to doing it with Him.

I went home to America for 3 weeks for the first time in 3 years, and now that I’m back in Australia it feels so good to be home! Especially this morning when I got to be involved in church with our cafe, meet a lot of new visitors, and sit in a service and experience God moving!

When talking about the new year, one of our pastors accidentally said 2006 instead of 2016. And while many chuckled at the mistake, I instantly felt God tug at my heart and say “remember where you were in 2006? Ten years ago…”

I saw myself when I was 12 years old. I was at my first Christian camp, and I gave my life to Jesus.

And God began to remind me and cause me to think on all He has done in my life these last 10 years. It’s been incredible and nothing short of miraculous.

Being ill for 5 years and then seeing miraculous healing.

Moving across country and going through a dark season but growing closer to Jesus.

Leading worship – and the small beginnings of that when it was just me, a guitar, and like 6 chords, but a heart to bring worship to every youth group I went to (6 youth groups) because I desired people to seek God and His presence – to know Him like I did.

Leading girls in Bible studies.

Going on mission trip after mission trip and ¬†becoming more and more passionate about the lost and taking His Name where it’s never been heard or accepted before.

Being called to Australia. And in the future called to Africa.

Going through different battles and challenges and seeing God bring victory.

And so many countless moments where I just encountered God’s love in the most intimate, touching, and transformative ways.

So many tears, endless joy, and truly immense growth in my relationship with the Lord.

I am changed and changing still, thanks to the grace of my God.

And then today in church God whispered to me, “your next 10 years will not even be able to compare to the last 10.”

And just this morning I was a bit discouraged because God was telling me that He wanted to give me my heart’s desires (that’s not the discouraging part lol) but I told him, “God, I don’t know what my heart’s desires are.” And I just asked God from deep in my heart to awaken my heart’s desires and to give me a dream so that I could hope for it. And I believe He will, and that He won’t leave me without vision. Because He knows that without vision I will perish. So until I discover exactly what those dreams are, I know my vision is to pursue God and draw closer to Him and His word.

Then today in church he said for 2016, start out with a blank canvas and an audacious dream.

Without the revelation of the past 10 years of God’s greatness, the above statement would have discouraged me some, since this morning I was feeling dreamless. But as he said it, I envisioned the next 10 years ahead of me, and really was encouraged that they will be filled with new heights and new depths, new joys, loves, challenges, but especially more of God and more of His presence and surprises I can’t even fathom.

And while the “future” can seem so wonderful to think about, the present can sometimes appear less. But something else that was said today- you will have a lot of ‘suddenly’s’ – unexpected amazing things…and why? Because you are being faithful in the EVERYDAY – the sometimes mundane, sometimes routinely, ordinary days. But I know as I’m faithful to meet with God and listen to His voice to obey Him daily, He will show up in ways I never imagined and I will know him at new levels. For this I am excited.

Embarking into new territory. A new place. A blank canvas. I’m in!


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